The Magical Caucasus



One of a kind trekking tour in Georgia for those looking to awaken the ultimate spirit of adventure

Embark on trekking in Svaneti, Georgia, and experience:
- virgin nature
- majestic 5000-m mountains, glaciers and rocky gorges that make for a perfect trekking setting
- deep relaxation and oneness with nature
- an exotic culture and the hospitable people of Georgia

The Magical Caucasus - Svaneti and Batumi

Trip dates:

Dates TBA


12 days (11 nights)

Meeting point:

Kutaisi airport (KUT)

Team size:

7-15 members per group


Travel plan:


Arrival to Kutaisi. Check-in to the hostel. Walk around the city

You can spend this day getting some rest after your trip to Georgia, discovering Kutaisi and making your first acquaintance with Georgia.

We advise you to buy a local sim-card (the best choice is Magti operator) and exchange currency if you arrive during the business hours.


Day trip outside of Kutaisi

Prometheus Cave Natural Monument, Martvili Canyon

We will make a day trip during which you will discover Georgia's amazing natural treasures.

Prometheus cave was discovered in 1983 and since 2011 it's been welcomig visitors from across the world.

It is actually an 11-km network of caves but a tourist route is less than 1,5 km long.

There you can observe stalactites, stalagmites of whimsical shapes and enjoy the damp coolness of the cave (the average temperature is aroun +14-16 °C)

Optional: you can pay around 15 Lari ~5 EUR for a boat tour.

Martvili Canyon is not less spectacular with its tranquile Abashi river and dymanic faterfalls. We will go on a boat tour and then observe the waterfalls from a tourist path.


Kutaisi - Mestia

Bus ride 6-7 hrs

We will leave the hostel around 11 a.m. and will head for Mestia - the capital of the mountainous region Svaneti. Our trip will be long but exciting because it passes through a scenic region.

For lunch, we’ll make a stop at the Enguri Dam - the largest hydroelectric dam in the Caucasus. Its length is 700 m and its height is 272 m which makes the dam 6th highest in the world.

Further on the road will pass through a deep and cliffy Enguri River gorge. We will be travelling along a breathtaking 140 km long winding road with hundreds of hairpin bends and dozens of tunnels.

In the afternoon, we will reach Mestia making an elevation of 1500 m. We will stay at a local guesthouse where we will spend 2 nights. We’ll have dinner and after it gets dark, we’ll climb a roof of one of the ancient towers - the symbol of Svaneti. We can observe the starry sky and the lights of Mestia by night.


Trekking to a panoramic viewpoint of Mestia and back

Journey time: 4-6 hrs; distance 10 km; ascent: 800 m, descent 800 m.

After breakfast, we’ll take lunch packs and go on a hike to the mountains. Today we will explore dramatic landscapes and all of the mountain ranges surrounding Mestia. At these heights, we’ll be able to see our further route ahead, and the guide will elaborate on the places we’ll see during the upcoming trekking event. We’ll get a perfect view of Ushba - a mountain veiled in mystery and surrounded by legends. Ushba is the symbol of Svaneti and one of the most difficult ascents in the Caucasus. Alpinists consider this mountain as hardly accessible and very dangerous. Only the most experienced and world-class skillful alpinists are able to climb it.

If we have time and the weather is good, we will hike up to see Koruldi lakes. They are located at the altitude of 2700 m and are surrounded by the blooming meadows.

After the descent from the panoramic viewpoint, we will visit a house museum of one of the best Georgian mountaineers – Mikhail Khergiani who was a 7-time USSR climbing Champion and was called the Tiger of the Mountains for his outstanding ability to quickly pass through the most difficult routes. We will see the house in which the alpinist lived, his gear and medals. The house represents a typical Svan dwelling called “machube”. We’ll learn from the guide how ancient Svans lived.

In the evening you can enjoy your free time and visit a famous local cafe “Koshki” (which stands for “Towers” in Svan) where you can enjoy live Georgian music and lively dances. You are encouraged to try the local specialties.


Mestia - Ushguli - Shkhara glacier

Journey time: 6-7 h; distance 16 km; ascent: 300 m, descent 300 m

In the morning we will leave Mestia and travel to Ushguli by bus. As we go along a narrow mountain road, we will be able to observe picturesque landscapes and the Enguri river winding down in the canyon.

Ushguli is the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe. It is located at the altitude of 2200 m and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The village is nestled at the Inguri river head and at the foot of Shkhara summit (5193 m) – the highest mountain peak in Georgia.

Starting from Ushguli, we will make a trek along a well-beaten road towards Shkhara glacier.


Ushguli - Svaneti Range

Journey time: 6 h; distance 10 km; ascent: 800 m, descent 800 m

We will wake up early in the morning and to climb the Svaneti range (2820) from which we will enjoy jaw-dropping views of the Greater Caucasus located across with its high mountains and more demanding peaks.

The ascent will be quite steep but the path we will follow is well beaten. Besides, we will leave our stuff down in Ushguli taking only the most important belongings, lunch package and water. As we climb higher, the surrounding views will become more and more breathtaking!


Ushguli-Iprali village - the Khaldeschala river gorge

Journey time: 4 h; distance 7 km; ascent: 500 m, descent: 200 m.

This will be our first trekking day with our backpacks.

After breakfast a bus will come to pick us up from Ushguli and will take to the village of Iprali.

An hour later, we will set off on a trek along the Khaldeschala river gorge. The raging river Khaldeschala resounding from the deep canyon flows out of the Khalde glacier.

Early on the way we will pass an ancient village Halde with its dilapidated houses. As we rise halfway, we will come to the refreshing 30-meter high waterfalls which can serve as a refreshing natural shower.

Once we continue our trek, the scene of the Bezengi Wall will unfold itself in all its beauty.

We’ll stay for a night in the valley close to the Khaldeschala river and see as the sun casts its warm light on the icy mountain caps at dusk.


The Khaldeschala river gorge - Chhutnieri pass - the Adishchala River.

Journey time: 4 h; distance 5 km; ascent: 500 m, descent 500 m.

Today we will climb the mountain pass that leads to the Adishchala river gorge. To reach the range, we will walk along a path and the magnificent views of the Bezengi Wall will open upon us. Steep cliffs, aretes and ice cliff glaciers will impress you immensely. Once we reach the pass, we’ll leave our backpacks and walk to a viewpoint located at the altitude of 2811 m that gives a stunning panorama. We’ll see the 5000 m mountains which, it seems, are within a hand’s reach. The huge Adishi Icefall that stretches for 2 km will be in full view. And the pictures against such a background are striking!

We will hate to leave this place but will need to carry on and gain new amazing impressions.
Now we need to descend the pass and make an overnight stop at the Adishchala river bank.


The Adishchala river gorge - Adishi village - Tetnuldi Ski Resort.

Journey time: 6 h; distance 11 km; ascent : 450 m, descent: 300 m.

We’ll get up early in the morning before the Adishchala river rises due to the snow and ice melt. We will have to wade across the river at low water and walk along the Adishchala river gorge to another village called Adishi. As we walk along a well-trodden path, we will see the ancient high towers of the village in the distance.

Adishi has St. George's church renowned by all the Svans.

A gentle ascend from Adishi village - and we will get to one of the Tetnuldi spurs that hosts a recently built ski resort. We will walk along a path in the shade of the trees that at certain points crosses meadows. We will see a couple of streams that flow down the mountains. One of them makes for a perfect natural jacuzzi with refreshing water that helps to cool down on a hot summer day. We will put our tents at a place with amazing views

DAY 10

Tetnuldi Ski Resort - Chvabiani Village- the Mulkhura River - Mestia - Batumi

Journey time: 3 h; distance 8 km; ascent: 0 m, descent 1000 m

Today’s the last trekking day. We’ll descend from the pass to the Mulkhura river where a minibus will be waiting for us to take us to Batumi.

We’ll have to pack our stuff and walk down a forest path to Chvabiani village and then to Majvdieri village. There we can try the best matsoni (natural yogurt) in Svaneti. Three hours later we will have to come down to the bridge across the Mulkhura river. Having had lunch, we will get on the bus and in the evening we will relax in the warm waters of the Black sea.

DAY 11

Sightseeing in Batumi - relaxing at the seaside

After a long trekking we can indulge ourselves and do whatever suits best: swim in the Black sea or enjoy a leisurely stroll in Batumi - Georgia's second largest city.

DAY 12

Check out - transfer to Kutaisi airport

On the last day of our trekking holiday in Georgia, we will check out of the hostel and travel to the airport in Kutaisi.

* This is an example itinerary of a typical trip we organize. Journey times are estimated and the programme may be altered depending on weather conditions.

The price includes:

  • Trekking with a guide
  • Accommodation - 8 nights in a hostel/guesthouse with breakfast included. Rooms for 2-6 people with a shared bathroom
2 nights in a guesthouse in Kutaisi
2 nights in a guesthouse in Mestia
2 nights in a hostel in Ushguli
2 nights in a hostel in Batumi
  • Camping in a tent - 3 nights in the mountains
  • Entrance fee to Prometeus cave and Martvili canyon
  • Boat ride in Martvili canyon
  • All the transfers throughout the trip in minibuses/taxi - organized by the guide
  • Meals and snacks while trekking
  • Standard travel insurance cover *
  • Dream Team staff members’ assistance and advice onsite

*We are obliged to provide basic travel insurance cover but please bear in mind that you should also have your own travel insurance policy with suitable cover for relevant activities as a condition of your booking

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Dinners at guesthouses en route - around €8 per person per meal
  • Boat trip in Prometeus cave - around €4 per person


  • 3 nights at a guesthouse at the campsite: 12-15 € (subject to availability at the time of booking)

We recommend taking the following things for your trekking trip in Georgia

Trekking backpack – min. 75 L

Trekking poles (1 or 2)

Sunglasses with preferable protection UV-400 (or min. 300)




Clothing for everyday trekking (packed in a separate plastic bag):

Hiking bucket (sun) hat

Quick-drying hiking pants

Quick-drying T-shirts (for example, CoolDry, Coolmax, etc. - the best if a shirt has no seams on the shoulders) x 2 pcs

Fleece jacket

Long-sleeve shirt

Clothing for rainy weather:

Boot gaiters

Membrane pants

Membrane jacket

Rain cover

Sleeping clothes (packed in a plastic bag):

Cotton T-shirt

Cotton pants

Thermal Underwear: trousers and shirt

Warm socks

Trekking boots (optimal weight: 1-1,5 kg)

Hiking sandals for walking at the campsite

Polar gloves

Polar beanie

Down jacket (optimal weight around 500 – 600 gr)


Socks (2-3 pairs)

Bathing suit/swimming trunks

Bandage (1-2 pcs)

Backpack rain cover

Toilet paper (packed in a plastic bag)

Toothpaste, toothbrush


Lip balm

Head torch

Matches (packed in a plastic bag)


First aid kit (bandage for wounds and elastic bandage - 1-2 pcs)

Sunscreen lotion (in a small package)

Insect repellent



Shampoo (in a small bottle)

Microfiber Towel

Sewing kit

Sleeping bag (with weight up to 1,5 kg)

Tent (for 2-3 people)

Sleeping pad

Sitting pad


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