EXPLORING the scottish highlands

Discover Scotland's famous attractions -Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Glencoe and much more
Spectacular landscape and unearthly scenery with hills, lochs and castles
topped off with delicious food and Scottish "water of life" tasting!


What to expect?


Enjoy staggering views and the breathtaking, almost untouched scenery of Scottish West Highlands that will give you a feeling of freedom, solitude and complete remotness
Walk along the corridors of Eilean Donan Castle whose walls remember medieval history or try to spot porpoises in one of over 31 000 lochs (lakes) dotted across Scotland
Salmon is Scotland's specialty known in the whole world but you can also enjoy freshly caught mackerel, mussels, crabs, prawns and of course a wee dram of local "water of life"
Prepare yourself for changeable weather. Though we hope that Scotland will welcome you with a glimpse of sunshine, the probability of a lot of rain, clouds and mist is rather high.


On our West Highlands trips you will get a chance to see some of Scotland’s jaw-dropping landscapes including Glencoe where Skyfall, Highlander and Harry Potter were filmed, Loch Ness whose legend about a monster makes it a world-famous lake, Scottish castles such as picturesque, well-located Eilean Donan in Dornie, sparkling lochs and vast expanses of hilly lands. We will take you to some of the most remote places in Europe where you can enjoy the unbroken solitude, intact nature in its fullest and spectacular scenery.

The icing on the cake for the trip is the Isle of Skye – one of the top destinations in Scotland. It is for a reason why the Vikings named it Sky-a which stands for a “cloud island”. Most often it is enveloped in mist and clouds, and where there are clouds, there are rains. Despite its often gloomy weather, this 50-mile long island offers dramatic scenery that will make you want to come back to this place, rain or shine.

Explore the Scottish Highlands as part of the DREAM TEAM!

scottish highlands attractions

Eilean donan castle

Being the most photographed castle in the world, Eilean Donan attracts millions of tourists who go on private tours to Scotland and visit Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye. This 13-century landmark is set among jaw-dropping scenery where 3 lochs meet and surround the castle during tides, so that it reflects in mirror-like water surface. Although Eilean Donan was reconstructed in the 20th century after having been devastated 2 centuries earlier, it does have an authentic feel of a medieval castle with dungeons, claymores, cannonballs, a banqueting hall and towers. It’s also one of the most romantic places in the area, where lovebirds organize wedding receptions.

old man of storr

A famous pinnacle, considered to be one of Scotland’s iconic places, Old Man of Storr draws millions of tourists. It rises over neighbouring hills and is seen from afar creating a lovely scenery as you approach the mountain from Portree. However, once you climb to the foot of the pinnacle, you will be gratified with even more breathtaking views of the sea, the Sound of Raasay and the mainland of Isle of Skye. You can also walk around other rock structures located near the famous rock formation. Enjoy one of the most famous hiking places on Isle of Skye!

loch ness

Without exaggeration, it’s the most famous and mystic lake in the world. Legend has it, that the loch is inhabited by a mysterious beast, the first records of which date back to 565 AD. Since then the monster has been spotted a couple of times and was even photographed in 1934, but upon thorough search by scientists no traces of the beast were found. Was it because the creature migrates? Anyway, we suggest that you get your cameras ready on our Loch Ness tour, and in case you don’t see Nessie, not to worry. You can enjoy the lovely views of the loch, ancient castles, virgin nature and dip your feet into the loch, if you’re brave enough!

the quiraing

Another fantastic place for hiking in Scotland. This geological formation appeared as a result of a landslide. What’s more, cliffs of the Quiraing keep moving these days! Because the Quiraing hike involves climbing steep slopes and there is a risk of rocks sliding , it is not recommended in rainy/windy weather. But if you’re lucky to get a glimpse of sunshine, it is a must-see. You will be rewarded with awesome views over dramatic cliffs, plains and lakes & might be able to observe a place in the distance where the sky meets the sea. Or you might experience spooky atmosphere, when fog rolls and covers everything in mystery. No matter which face of the Quiraing you will see, hiking around it is truly incredible and unforgettable.


Fall in love with the mystical beauty of Glencoe - Scotland’s most recognized glen. Carved by a glacier, this glen boasts Alpine-like mountains with sharp pinnacles that present some of the most challenging hikes in the whole Scotland. You can also explore the Three sisters of Glencoe, which would be a less demanding route for mountain walking. With its spectacular scenery it’s not surprising why the James Bond and the Harry Potter movies were filmed here.

talisker distillery

The oldest and the only remaining distillery on the Isle of Skye that produces single-malt peated whisky, which conveys the atmosphere of the island. The Scotch combines dried-fruit sweetness with smoke, pepper and brine and leaves a lasting aftertaste. On this whisky distillery tour you will be able to learn how the majestic drink is made, and get to taste one of the whiskies. Also, you won’t be indifferent to the location of the distillery set on Loch Harport and overlooking the Cuillins mountains.


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