Yachting in Greece

International yachting events set among picturesque Greek islands.
Explore, swim, party and relax with like-minded people during
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Top handpicked paradise locations in the Med. Discover amazing sights & see more than others thanks to island hopping aboard your own yacht
Treat yourself to a bit of luxury and travel in style like multimillionaires do. Experience the feeling of freedom and the joy of sailing that are priceless.
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yacht charter in greece

They say you have not really experienced Greece if you have not visited its islands. One of the best ways to explore them is to charter a yacht for a week and sail around stunning Greek archipelagos. The feeling of freedom, laidback atmosphere and a sense of the sea adventure it brings is what makes this experience unique and unforgettable. That's why our Dream Team members gather together each summer and celebrate life during week-long yachting holidays in Greece.

If you are looking for unspoiled shoreline, tranquil settings, simplistic architecture, ancient temples and churches but at the same time want to experience a cosmopolitan life with parties till the break of dawn, swimming in crystal clear waters and sunbathing under the cloudless sky, Greek islands are your perfect destination for ideal relaxation on yachting holidays.

Argo-saronic Ports and islands


Aegina is one of the most beautiful islands which you have not visited yet nor perhaps heard of. It has a very rich history. Dating from the 4th millennium BC it was ruled by the Franks, Catalans, Venetians, and Ottomans. And it was the 1st capital of modern Greece. Apart from history and archeological sites the island offers around 20 secluded beaches, laidback ambiance, and great local food. You will not find traces of mass tourism here. Mostly Greeks come for weekend holidays here so you can plunge into 100% authentic Greek atmosphere.


This small island offers a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. It even has a Love Bay – a sheltered cove with a sandy beach, turquoise water, pine trees casting cooling shadows over the beach and a chapel nearby. Poros Town is often compared to Venice due to the canal that separates it from the rest of the island. Grab a coffee at one of numerous waterfront cafés and enjoy the moment while yachts, boats and cruise ships unhuriedly pass to reach the shore.


This fabulous island has been popular with celebrities from around the world since 1960-ies. It boasts a gorgeous harbour and well-preserved historical architecture but what also stands out is that it's a car-free island. Ride a donkey instead or explore Hydra on feet! Owing to the poetic descriptions of this island in works of such writers as Henry Miller, Jorgos Seferis and Lawrence Durrell thousands of tourists discovered the loveliness of the Greek isles. The pastel-coloured Hydra town is famous for its bustling nightlife, lively bars and cosmopolitan parties.


An idyllic island the name of which means “the island of the aromas”. The name was given by the Venetians for the herbs that are abundant in the mountains. No traffic is allowed on the island with the exception of a public bus connecting the town and some beaches. So you can explore the island and see its beaches, ancient churches and grand villas by riding a horse-drawn carriage, donkey or boat taxi. This is one of the best places to experience rustic simplicity when lying and sun tanning on one of the island’s secluded beaches.

porto heli

A wonderful harbor located in a sheltered bay on the Peloponnese peninsular which offers lots of secluded beaches, excellent conditions for watersports and relaxing atmosphere in traditional Greek tavernas. It's a perfect place for sailing and windsurfing lessons as the bay is protected from the wind. There is an ancient submerged town close to Porto Heli the history of which remains a secret. Here you will also find great walks, mountain biking paths and lots of spots that are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and waterskiing.


An almost uninhabited island. Located in the picturesque bay of Skintos, it is a dream destination for those seeking tranquility, isolation and virgin landscapes. The waters around the island feature the oldest shipwreck in the world dated to 2700-2200 BC!


Although this seaside town is located on Peloponnese, Ermioni has a true island character. Tranquil surroundings, natural beauty, sandy beaches make this quiet place popular with tourists. There is a wide choice of tavernas available along the port, where you can find local Greek specialities from souvlaki to fresh seafood.

Agistri (Angistri)

A tiny romantic island situated very close to Athens and Aegina, smothered in greenery and washed by turquoise waters. Relax on the cosy picturesque beaches and feel a slice of paradise on earth.


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